Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!


Introduction (Companionship) -$600/hr -$800/1.5hr Life Break - A brief (re)introduction


2 Hours (Companionship) - $1000  Let’s Chat - relax and pop open a bottle of champagne.


4 Hours (Companionship) - $2,000  Wine & Dine - We can share nice dinner together, drinks and some amazing conversation. 


6 Hours (Companionship)- $ 3,000  Time to Explore - Lets catch a show, concert, or game. Or maybe we can just stay in doors, while I cook up a delicious meal for you.


12 Hours (Companionship) - $4,500  Sunset to Sunrise - Fluffy robes and breakfast in bed.

Extended & Other arrangements

Dinner & Outings - $250/2 hrs *** Date Only ***  Showtime - Enjoy an intimate dinner with me as your date at a 4-5 star restaurant . Or perhaps a show, a sporting event or the opera.

BDSM- $250/hr  Madame Zola - Whips, Chains and Handcuffs

Couples Adventure - $1200/hr   Three is company! - Spice things up a bit

24 Hours (Companionship) - $6,000  Off the clock- 24 Hours with me. What would you do?

48 hours (Companionship) - $8,000 2 days of pure Bliss - Imagine all the things we can do in this amount of time

Exclusive Arrangement - $20,000/month I'm all yours Baby - A month of unlimited fun. Think of all the things we can do.

Fly Me To You

Would you love me to accompany you on a business trip, or just for some fun in the sun?

I Am Passport Ready

  • DOMESTIC TRAVELS -Dates must be 6+ hours for domestic travel Airfare + Hotel + Date

  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS - Dates must be 24+ for international travel Airfare + Hotel + Date

  • DEPOSITS - 50% Deposits are required for domestic traveling. 100% Deposits required for international travel. Airfare and hotel must be paid in full.